Understanding The Levels Of Quality In Champagne

When it come to champagne, there are several levels of quality that consumers should be aware of. In doing so, you are able to make informed decisions about your purchase to ensure that the best champagne for you is selected.

Non-Vintage Champagne

The first level of quality in champagne is non-vintage or “NV”. To break it down this champagne is a blend of wines from different years with the final product remaining consistent year to year. Non-vintage champagne is the most common type of champagne due to how accessible and inexpensive it is. If you are looking to enjoy some bubbly while not breaking the bank, this level of champagne is ideal for everyday consumption or for larger events where a large quantity of it is needed.

Vintage Champagne

The next level of quality champagne is vintage champagne. This type of champagne is made from grapes harvested in a single year with that year printed on the bottle. Vintage champagne is produced only in exceptional grape harvest years, and generally is more expensive than non-vintage due to its improved quality. It is the ideal choice for special occasions when you want to enjoy a fine champagne and celebrate a special moment at a higher price while experiencing better quality.


Prestige Cuvée Champagne

The last level of champagne is the most prestigious out of the three. Cleverly named “prestige cuvée”, this type of champagne is made from the best grapes sourced from the best vineyards around. The champagne is aged for much longer then the other two and is produced in limited quantities making it far more rare. Prestige cuvée champagne is the most expensive champagne on the market and for obvious reasons, is ideal for very special occasions, such as weddings or milestone birthdays.

In Conclusion

Perfect for any occasion, champagne is a luxurious beverage that comes in different levels of quality from the most affordable non-vintage bottles to the exclusive and expensive vintage cuvées. Whether you are looking for an everyday bubbly or a special bottle to mark a celebration, understanding how champagne is made and graded can help you make informed decisions about which type would be best for your needs. Ultimately, select whichever type makes sense based on budget constraints, taste preferences and occasion – but no matter what choice you make, remember that all types of champagne offer unique flavor profiles that will add sparkle to any gathering!

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